LETO Origins

LETO: Greek Titan-Goddess of motherhood, bride of Zeus and mother of twin gods Apollo and Artemis. Leto was also goddess of modesty and womanly demure and a protectress of the young.

As a designer of joinery, specialising in kitchen design, I became aware of my responsibility to contribute toward the protection of timber reserves. Coupled with this, was a desire to create joinery using an alternative material to the ‘business as usual’ offerings.

Bamboo became of interest to me.

Considered a variety of grass, its inherent qualities held promise of answering my design requirements, especially the solid core advantages, while supporting my objective to help protect dwindling timber reserves. Bamboo plantations have the added advantage of absorbing carbon at up to 6 fold the rate of trees grown in plantation form.

I began my education into sustainable, 100% bamboo ply sheets by visiting China (the main source of bamboo as a raw material) to interview 13 manufacturers. Our manufacturer of choice has a lease hold on a vast bamboo plantation and is overseen by a manager. This ensures the harvested culms are of the right maturity and that over-harvesting does not occur.
LETO Bamboo has secured exclusive rights to the Australian market.

Bamboo is bio-degradable, so the finish should preferably be non-toxic. Once your bamboo product has come to the end of its usable life, we embrace its’ return to us, for recycling, or disposal. Please refer to the LETOBamboo Take Back Policy

Bamboo ply is like hardwood in sheet form.

a panel or table saw needs to be sharp

a CNC machine needs to run at half feed rate

a beam saw cuts bamboo easily

Because bamboo is very dense, it machines cleanly (using hand tools, lathes, CNC machinery, laser, or water-jet cutting) , sands beautifully to a silky finish, and glues easily. UV printing, stains and various non-toxic finishes give rise to many, many choices!
Please let us know about your experience with our products – we can all learn from the many and varied applications for bamboo.

Anne Astorino
Founder of LETObamboo